Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We recently spent a wonderful weekend with Andrew and Mallary and Keller. Here are some photos! more to come soon!

What the Flap?

The boys were playing outside and I ran in to get something, probably the camera or a book to read. I was startled when something seemed to flap by very quickly to the kitchen. I walked around the corner to investigate and there on the window sill, trying desperately to escape was a bird. My first thought was that I needed to call Thadeus, but he was in class i shouldn't bother him. Then I thought I should just run down to the office, some one there will know what to do. Then I realized I was acting like a woman who was afraid of birds, which I am not. So I confidently picked up a towel walked over to the bird and picked it up. At some point the boys joined me and I showed them the frightened bird. Tucker asked if he could let it go outside and I thought that would be perfect! But not until i get a picture.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This evening when I asked the boys how my hair looked Rollin said "It looks like dark lightning" Ha! He later informed us that he made that up himself.
Riding in the car yesterday Tucker randomly stated "mom I think we should make a cake and put a big yellow sun on it."

Rollin said "yeah that could be my birthday cake."

Tucker replied "We should do that for all of our birthdays." I told him I really liked that idea. He paused a moment and said "ya know it really is a lot cheaper to make your own cake at home than if you buy one at the store." I smiled and agreed with him. He continued "it does take more time and more work though." Once again I had to agree. I suggested that it might also be more healthy and taste better if you make it yourself and his reply to that was "well actually I like the ones you buy at the store better, I like every sweet there is!"

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Two years ago we cried with joy when a new baby boy was born, then we held our breath waiting for him to take his first! The cord wrapped around his neck made him an ashy blue but he has been a vibrant healthy human ever since. His 2nd birthday was a good one. Every time we sang happy birthday he sang along. He had a birthday bath, then a birthday breakfast then a birthday trip to the zoo, a birthday chi chi break, birthday lunch, a birthday nap, birthday gifts, birthday dinner and birthday cake. Every moment of our day seemed to be gently focused on his birthday and celebrating his life. I still don't know how it happened though. How two whole years have passed, or how that beautiful ashy blue boy is now climbing stairs, talking and singing, running and wrestling, eating with a fork,knife and spoon, playing imaginary games with animals and trains. I guess it is that landslide of change that makes the time go so fast. happy birth-day Fynneus Bartholomew Grant

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"I think after you peel an orange it's pretty naked, since before that it had it's jammies on" ~RTKD