Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Once upon a time there was a little farm for little sheeps. But then the wolves came to the farm. They ran to the sheep. The sheep went baa-aaa-aa (to scare away the wolves and wake the farmers.) Then the fox came over and jumped over the fence and the mean animals decided to eat the goats. Then the farmers didn't have any more sheep. Then they all got in a circle and the King wolf killed a goat and they had a fight. But before they had a fight the king put the goat in the middle of the circle. Then he backed up into the circle and they fighted to see who would get the goat. The dog grabbed the goat after he scared away the wolves and then he dragged it to the door of the house. Then he jumped up to ring the doorbell and waited for the farmers to come out so that they could see that some wolves had killed the goat. The End

By Fynneus and Rollin