Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today 3-28-2013

These things happened today:

Fynneus fell backwards into a creek.

Tucker helped pull him out.

Rollin threw a baseball that hit Tucker in the shin.

Tucker threw a baseball that hit Rollin in the face.

Fynneus kicked the wall. Hard.

Koda fell off a brick wall.

Sucralose sells

This morning I was making sandwiches to take with us to our homeschool co-op outing and I only had rye bread to use because one of the loaves of bread I brought home from the grocery yesterday was, on second look, full of Sucralose.  I told the boys we couldn't eat it because its was full of poison. "What why would anybody put poison in our food" Rollin asked. Tucker answered "Because it sells"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How Old Do You Think I Am?

Tucker and Fynneus had their first baseball practices tonight and luckily they got moved to the same field.  It went well even though it was really cold. While we were trying to find Fynns' team I stopped a gentleman with a similar sized child and asked if he was on the White Socks team. He said he wasn't sure and while he paused to look through his phone for information another little boy walked up. He proceeded to show me his sweatshirt, his undershirt and his belly. Then he asked "How old do you think I am" but before I could even open my mouth he said "five, I'm five."  "Oh" I said "well how old do you think I am" and another little boy said "what?" I repeated "how old do you think I am?"  The boy tilted his head and said "twenty four!" Of course that made me smile and I told him he was sweet but that I was a little older. Then he tilted his head the other way and said "sixty-six?"  I told him I was thirty one and then both boys began to tell me how old each of their parents were. fort-one, thirty nine, twenty nine,.........and then they played baseball.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

you just go sit and rest

I made dinner tonight for the family.  We had baked talapia, a southwest style salad and quesadillas. As we were all finishing up the boys each thanked me for dinner with such sweetness.Then someone asked what we should do next. I said "I think its sit and watch a movie time." Some of the family really like the idea but Fynneus said "I think we should be the parents and you two should just go sit and rest."   then he said that he and his brothers, to their dismay, would clean up the kitchen and bring us desert!  I said "I don't think we really have anything for desert" and Fynn immediately replied in the sweetest voice "oh we'll find something. Now as I sit here and write this I can hear klinking and clanking and water running and whispering and plans brewing for a "show" a "breakdancing show".