Monday, June 27, 2011


Fynneus to Thadeus: "We should go to da dowah stoa and get me wots and wots of dowahs."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

baseball mom

I had a very specific, very short list when I entered the store today with all three boys. Yet somehow we ended up in the toy section which was near the sporting goods section. Then I found myself holding a Rawlings baseball glove that had been marked down several times. Originally $30 now $7.49. So after refusing all the desires of my children I threw the glove in the basket for me. I justified my actions by telling myself that any use I get out of this new glove would be time spent playing ball with my three sons. From there we went to play in the water fountains and then the park and finally made our way back home and then after a late "breakfast for dinner" meal we all made it out to the back yard for a little game of catch. Except that Rollin refused to use a glove himself and wandered out towards Tucker and I swinging a metal bat wildly. Then I could hear, but not see Fynn whimpering from the porch. I called to him to come play with us and a moment later he ran to join us punching his empty ball glove with his fist. We got right to it. Tucker was in the outfield, Rollin at bat, Fynn played catcher and I was pitching. We were all having a good time until Fynneus became angry with me. He said that I had to wait for the signal. I agreed that I would, but told him that if i shook my head no that he had to give me another signal. He agreed and we played on. There are only two signals he uses. One finger pointing straight down at the ground or four fingers pointing strait down at the ground. I do not know what either signal actually means. Now picture if you will, sweet little four year old Fynn squatted down behind the batter. Now picture me, the mom/pitcher trying to be extra serious and mimic what I have seen "real" baseball players do. Fynn gives me one finger I shake my head no. He gives me four fingers. I shake my head no. He gives me one finger again, I agree and pitch to Tucker. Tucker misses and as Fynn tries to catch the ball he tumbles and rolls and lands in sort of a pretzel shape. Finally the ball gets back to me and we do it all over. At one point in this game I watched Tucker and realized he was having a hard time runing. I could see immediatley that his cowboy boots were the problem. Then actually laughed out loud as I analized each of my childrens baseball attire. Tucker was wearing cowboy boots jean shorts and a surfing t-shirt. Rollin and on red and navy striped swim shorts with leather hiking shoes. Fynn was wearing only a swim shirt. That's right no bottoms. Now if you will, back up a little and imagine him at that catcher postions all over again! I was fully clothed but admit I was wearing sandals. I am sure we were quite a site. We played until it was too dark to see the ball. I think it was $7.49 well spent.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rollin to Tucker: "hey when I do a hand stand you lasso my feet".

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bull Riding

I was in the kitchen convincing my self that cleaning the kitchen was worthy of my time on this beautiful day when I realized the most wonderful bull riding event was taking place in the living room. I was determined to stay in the kitchen because I had set a timer for exactly 10 minutes and that was all the time I was willing to give to the endlessly messy room. But I decided to jot down the things I was still able to hear from there between the clanking dishes and running water.

"stay on stay on stay on"

"this is just the qualifying bull"

"I'm still on"

"who wants to ride a big bad bull"

"hang on"



"I thought yo said you were ready"

"this is gonna be the hardest buck"

"hold on"

"I'm still on"

"still on still on still on"


"you busted my lip"

"can I borrow your mouth guard?"

*In the end I could not stay away and I snapped a couple pictures. The kitchen is still a terrible mess.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Driving in the van today I caught this bit of dialogue coming from the back seats.

Fynn..................... and there were a bunch of mouses!

Tuck: Fynn can I correct you?

Fynn: what?

Tuck: Can I correct you? Mouse is the word if there is only one but if there are more than one than the word you want to use is mice, not mouses.

Fynn: okay.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nasty Fall

The boys are 4,6 and 7 right now. One of their favorite games to play is called "Nasty Fall". It is a game that they made up and they play it anywhere there are pillows and or blankets, some sort of cushioning, even the carpet will do and especially the trampoline. These are the boys explanations of the game:

Fynn: "Well you do a funny walk or somesing then............." he proceeds to flip himself into a headstand and fall over landing on the floor on his back and rolling his eyes in around in his head with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He plays injured for a moment then all three boys erupt into laughter.

Rollin: " um fall down" he collapses onto the floor. I asked "was that a nasty fall?" "Well not really this is though" he runs and slides across the carpet and proceeds to flop like a fish out of water.

Tucker: " you run and then roll down, and just roll, like you just run and fall and roll or run and jump and fall. Any kind of nasty fall. Now do you wanna play?"