Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21 2012

These things were actually said at my house today.

Rollin : "Fynn thanks for helping me find the matches."

Fynn: "It was my pleasure."


Tucker : "Actually I think I do need scottage tape."


Fynn to me "thanks toots!"


 Rollins newest creation is a home made scope with cross hairs.
 Tucker and I spent some time today trying to perfect paper fletching on a home made fire hardened arrow.
 Rollin tried to run away from my camera! Gotch ya Rollin!
 Fynn, with his orange ball.
A little piece of metal treasure Fynn found in the back yard.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sellin a house while three boys live in it

I mean it is a lot of work having three boys or trying to sell a house but trying to do both at the same time pretty much crazy! I actually was feeling like I sorta had everything "under control" for the open house that our realtor is having tomorrow, but then........well The boys are always hungry for second supper so before anyone even asked I threw a bunch of super healthy frozen chicken wings in the oven cleaned the kitchen did a bunch of laundry took out the trash remembered that the chicken wings were in the oven and got them out before they burned!  Turned out no one was really hungry. Or they just didn't want chickens wings, but when I announced that it was either time to eat them or get in bed they all decided to eat. So Fynn accidentally grabbed one of the "HoT" wings and immediately started to hyper ventilate and run in circles and back and forth in the kitchen. He drank some water and continued to pant, complaining of fire in his mouth, so I suggested more water. He chugged another glass of water still completely frantic. So i quickly grabbed a piece of super healthy bread and super healthy peanut butter and made a super healthy sandwich that I was sure would fix the problem.  I said "here Fynn take a bite" he looked hard at the sandwich and said I think I'm okay now." But I had just made a peanut butter sandwich in record time so I insisted "Here just take one bite" He continued glaring at the sandwich then said "my stomach hurrr,,,I'm gonna be sick" and he immediately put his hand over his mouth and ran vomiting all the way through the house until he got to the bathroom.  Luckily Thadeus is a carpet cleaning genius!  I think Fynn is fine now but Rollin definitely had a fever when went to sleep!   So for now I am just hoping everyone wakes up healthy in the morning and our buyers fall in love with this place tomorrow afternoon!

p.s. we had red and green pancakes this morning for the first day of december!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

things I said out loud today

"Why did you just punch him?"

"ummm actually those are large cinnamon sticks not blowguns"

"can you please stop tackling each other"

"I guess you don't have to, but if you play t-shirt tag and your not wearing underwear people might see your butt. Are you ok with that?"

"You guys ate everything I had for made for dinner, I can make you a peanut butter and jelly."

"No Tucker,  we are not making home made pepper spray!"

"who did this?"

"Why did you open a fourth box of cereal?"

I lost a little  piece of my soul tonight. The boys and I went to Lowes to buy a fake Christmas Tree.  It's not right, but it is pre-lit. It won't shed and I won't have to water it.  Still I am really disapointed with myself so to make up for it a little. To make myself feel like maybe I still have some Christmas spirit I bought "scentcicles". They are scented sticks you hang on your fake tree to make it smell like a real tree.  But before I decided to buy them I let the boys test them out. They all went down a side Isle and closed their eyes while I put one scentcicle on one of the many many trees that were on display. Then when I gave the signal they all began to sniff each and every tree in the long long row.  My little bloodhounds were diligent and Fynn paused at the right tree but in the end none of them could find the scentcicle. I bought them anyway.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


This is post season but I can't leave it out! The boys were great and learned a lot from their first season. I really enjoyed watching Rollin! He has a GREAT attitude and smiles a lot while he is playing!  He has fun and is kind to his teammates! Tucker surprised me when he watched some soccer moves on youtube, practiced a couple times, then used them at the game and scored a goal.  And Fynn was Fynntastic! What can I say?  It was a great experience and I would love to see any or all of them try again next fall!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

around the house

Halloween 2012

Mayhem in Memphis

Mayhem in Memphis ~ November 10 2012

Fynneus 40lb pre-bantam 2nd place

Rollin 40lb bantam 1st place

Tucker 55lb intermediate  2nd place

trying to catch up!

I know I have really been slacking on blogging about my sweet sweet boys but I feel like I am always just trying to catch up these days.  Even as I write this I should be cleaning the kitchen and putting laundry away, and Koda needs a bath because she rolled in something awful this morning.  But here is the thing that I am forcing my self to take the time to write down......

Yesterday I had to take Tucker to the Doctor for an eye infection and and while we where waiting for his prescription to be filled I began talking to him about Christmas.  I told him that we were not going to   have much money for Christmas this year because we are getting ready to move and I explained to him that we would need to pay to rent trucks and a new house would require deposits and money up front.  With out even missing a beat he said "well I could help". I turned to look at him and said "you could? How?" He said "well with Fynn and Rolli, I could make their presents."  Then he talked a little bit about things he could make them, including duct tape wallets and whips.   It was so sweet and refreshing to watch this response from him. I was expecting him to be sad that he wouldn't be getting much and instead he was so selfless and eager to help make the Holiday special for his younger brothers.  He is so good, and so sweet.

Friday, September 28, 2012

More to do, less to say

I know I have been slacking on my blogging lately but it isn't because I have nothing to write about! In fact I dare say we have been more busy than ever around here!  The Boys are playing soccer this fall. Tucker and Rollin are on a 2nd and 3rd grade team together and Fynneus is on a 5 and 6 year old team.  They are picking up the sport very quickly. I on the other hand, am having a hard time feeling comfortable in the "assistant coach" role I volunteered for! The same great guy is coaching both of the boys teams so when I heard he needed help I jumped right in. I don't know if I will ever get used to kids calling me coach!  Anyway the boys did great in their first game. They ran and kicked their little hearts out! Also they have been doing gymnastics at a place nearby and seem to be enjoying it. Although Tucker is ready for it to be over, Rollin and Fynn say they really want to continue. I think Tucker is ready to get started with wrestling for the season, which should be starting any day actually.  (can i just throw a side note in here that i am really uncomfortable, and our comfy desk chair is out in the woods somewhere. Boys) Back to Gymnastics then! Rollin seems to be getting really close to doing a back hand spring! They all do amazing at all of the apparatus'. The rings, parallel bars, rope climb, trampoline, floor! It is so fun to watch them! I do hope Rollin and Fynn stay with it for a while it seems to be a great thing!  Of course we have been doing school but nothing really amazing, just getting the bare bones done so we can enjoy (or work) the rest of the day.  Then of course there is the Big BIg NEWS! We are moving to Kentucky! We are super excited about this move, but of course there are a ton of people we will miss here too!  We have definitely made this our home and it will be hard to leave, but hearing how excited our family up north is to have us closer makes it easier for sure!  So there has been a lot of cleaning and boxing and painting and organizing and de-cluttering and painting! There is so much to get done before a move and the last time I did it I had three little babies, and we weren't actually selling a home! But I have this sort of built in confidence that everything will work out, and I know I can do practically anything on my own with just hard work because I've watched my parents all my life! They know how to make things happen and they give amazingly motivational pep talks. But i think their example is the most motivating. I know they did it so I can too, just like learning to walk and talk and everything else I've watched them do. Just like finding the love of your life and then working to keep a strong marriage, I watched them do that too!  So guess how excited I am that they are going to be moving to Kentucky too!  I am grateful because it means I get to keep watching them and that means i get to keep learning from them! So on to some boy stories........

The other day we were picking up pizza or Chinese after a long day of errands and soccer practice and I was starting to back out of my parking spot. Fynneus was still trying to get into his seat and buckled in and i hear him say "ahh, hold on I can't even identify right now!"

Tucker was riding the dirt bike a few days ago and as he took off into the woods and over the jumps on the trail i heard him shout "Blood and glory!"

Today I noticed Rollin was giving Fynn lessons on the "air guitar".

Tucker has finished four books in the last few weeks and is now reading "Moby Dick", a youth version, but still he is really enjoying it!

Rollin wants to be something creepy and bloody for Halloween.

Well I know there is a lot more to say but my brain is shutting down for the night and we have two soccer games and a birthday party tomorrow so I'd better get some sleep!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuckers 9th Birthday

Tucker's last year in the single digits! Thadeus wanted to do something special with him for his birthday this year so the two of them went over to Arkansas, on the White River, for a all day guided fishing trip. I think they both had a great time and Tucker tole me that he wasn't trying to hurt my feelings but that he had been having so much fun he didn't even miss me!  On his actual birthday the weather was so beautiful that we ended up outside most of the day. We were all out front riding bikes, well i was just taking photos, but all the boys were ramping bikes and having a great time. Thadeus got the little dirt bike out for Tucker to ride. I think that made his day!  We made a pinata and tried to round up all the neighborhood boys to whack it with us but most of them were not home. Our friend Noah came down though and the boys had fun smashing it with the bat, all except Rollin who was last in line and didn't get to hit it.  We went out to dinner that night for BBQ ribs, Tucker's choice of course. And for desert........ root beer floats!  I can't believe I have been his mom for nine years! He is amazing! I love you Tucker James Andrew!