Friday, September 28, 2012

More to do, less to say

I know I have been slacking on my blogging lately but it isn't because I have nothing to write about! In fact I dare say we have been more busy than ever around here!  The Boys are playing soccer this fall. Tucker and Rollin are on a 2nd and 3rd grade team together and Fynneus is on a 5 and 6 year old team.  They are picking up the sport very quickly. I on the other hand, am having a hard time feeling comfortable in the "assistant coach" role I volunteered for! The same great guy is coaching both of the boys teams so when I heard he needed help I jumped right in. I don't know if I will ever get used to kids calling me coach!  Anyway the boys did great in their first game. They ran and kicked their little hearts out! Also they have been doing gymnastics at a place nearby and seem to be enjoying it. Although Tucker is ready for it to be over, Rollin and Fynn say they really want to continue. I think Tucker is ready to get started with wrestling for the season, which should be starting any day actually.  (can i just throw a side note in here that i am really uncomfortable, and our comfy desk chair is out in the woods somewhere. Boys) Back to Gymnastics then! Rollin seems to be getting really close to doing a back hand spring! They all do amazing at all of the apparatus'. The rings, parallel bars, rope climb, trampoline, floor! It is so fun to watch them! I do hope Rollin and Fynn stay with it for a while it seems to be a great thing!  Of course we have been doing school but nothing really amazing, just getting the bare bones done so we can enjoy (or work) the rest of the day.  Then of course there is the Big BIg NEWS! We are moving to Kentucky! We are super excited about this move, but of course there are a ton of people we will miss here too!  We have definitely made this our home and it will be hard to leave, but hearing how excited our family up north is to have us closer makes it easier for sure!  So there has been a lot of cleaning and boxing and painting and organizing and de-cluttering and painting! There is so much to get done before a move and the last time I did it I had three little babies, and we weren't actually selling a home! But I have this sort of built in confidence that everything will work out, and I know I can do practically anything on my own with just hard work because I've watched my parents all my life! They know how to make things happen and they give amazingly motivational pep talks. But i think their example is the most motivating. I know they did it so I can too, just like learning to walk and talk and everything else I've watched them do. Just like finding the love of your life and then working to keep a strong marriage, I watched them do that too!  So guess how excited I am that they are going to be moving to Kentucky too!  I am grateful because it means I get to keep watching them and that means i get to keep learning from them! So on to some boy stories........

The other day we were picking up pizza or Chinese after a long day of errands and soccer practice and I was starting to back out of my parking spot. Fynneus was still trying to get into his seat and buckled in and i hear him say "ahh, hold on I can't even identify right now!"

Tucker was riding the dirt bike a few days ago and as he took off into the woods and over the jumps on the trail i heard him shout "Blood and glory!"

Today I noticed Rollin was giving Fynn lessons on the "air guitar".

Tucker has finished four books in the last few weeks and is now reading "Moby Dick", a youth version, but still he is really enjoying it!

Rollin wants to be something creepy and bloody for Halloween.

Well I know there is a lot more to say but my brain is shutting down for the night and we have two soccer games and a birthday party tomorrow so I'd better get some sleep!