Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

lost 2 things

"I just lost two things in the whole wide world! My shoes and my C.D. hmmmm" ~Fynn

(as he rambled to himself)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thadeus at work

In the middle of our busy house Thadeus has the ability to shut it all out. He goes through the routine of dragging out a work table and gathering the necessary materials. He sets up his vice and then he sits. He sits and looks at all of his "stuff" he rubs his chin and scratches his head and then he sets to work making flies. It is amazing to watch hime slip into his own world. The other day I thought to myself "well if he is in his world I may as well go to mine". So I got behind my camera..................................

Sunday, January 17, 2010

the latest push up contest results

Fynn (in classic Fynn style) 10
Liz ~ 31
Tucker ~ 37
Rollin ~ 42
Thadeus ~ 82

I can't believe that already my boys can do more Push ups than Me! I have got some work to do just to catch up!

The oldest

At bedtime a couple of nights ago, I held Tucker in my arms and looked into his half opened beautiful brown eyes and asked him if he was tired. He answered with a long drawn out "hmmmmmm uh nooooo not reeeeeeally". I laughed and told him that ever since he was a tiny baby, even when his daddy and I knew he was really tired he would never admit it and he always fought bedtime and sleep. Suddenly his eyes widened and he asked "was i the first one born?" I told him he was and he enthusiastically replied "I bet that's why I'm the oldest now".

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Sign of School

To call Tucker's first year of "Kindergarten" relaxed would be an understatement. There has been no real routine and no schedule for most of the year. Schooling seemed to happen when there wasn't much else to do. He has been doing really well with math and numbers and learning to tell time but until yesterday hasn't shown a readiness to read. He does know his letters, can write them and make each sound but putting the sounds together has been mostly frustration. So I haven't pushed it at all. I have been confident that we will both know when he is ready. Yesterday he read 6 pages from one of my childhood books, then with pride read them again for practice, then again for his dad. Watching this has given me huge excitement in teaching my children. Rollin is eager to learn to read himself, but still would rather stand on his head than hear what i am saying and it is okay.

I recently took the initiative to turn our "guest bedroom" into a class room. I am so glad I did. Now when I enter the classroom I am not distracted by the dirty kitchen or mountain of laundry, The computer doesn't call me away and I can be completely connected with my sweet boys. Some times I do wander out and into the kitchen to make some hot tea, but not for long, and what is even better we may spend the whole morning in there learning and laughing. Fynn usually comes and goes and entertains himself well, Sometimes asking if he can draw or make art. Today Rollin picked out a book and lay on his belly on the floor looking through the pages and counting to himself while Tucker and I worked together. It is not Fancy, it is not even finished but it is ours and it is perfect!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thadeus FLies

I really hope to get better at photographing Thadeus' incredible flies. But her are a couple of photos just for now.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Curried Couscous Catastrophe

We got home from Tuckers MMA class tonight around 7:30 and I had a couple of things to do that were urgent, then I began scrambling for dinner. I would have scrambled eggs but 1 is all thats left and it wouldn't even be enough for Fynn's dinner. SO I found some Couscous in the pantry and set to work in something green. Baby sweet peas will do. THen I hopped online to get an easy recipe. Curried couscous sounded great! I briefly scanned the recipe for the major ingredients then ran back to the kitchen to work my magic. When they were finished I tasted my creation. Ickh! I couldn't believe it was so bad so I tried it two more times to be certain. It was still horrible. I decided to offer it to the children anyway and just see what might happen. Tucker said "I don't really care for this, it's too spicy". Rollin said "No it's not spicy but I don't care for it either, well I guess it is kinda spicy. I don't really care for it either". So Fynn joined in "I wove it! I dooo tare for it tuz I wove it". Then he took a bite and said "uhh I don't weally tare for dis". THen they cleared their own plates into the "chicken scrap bowl" and I started on round two. They smiled and thanked me when I served second dinner. Instant oatmeal. Maple and Brown Sugar.

A Sprinkle of Snow Dust

We woke this morning to see that it had indeed snowed. Fynneus and I were the first ones up and we moved from window to window looking at the white on everything. It looked like we had been sprinkled with powdered sugar while we slept. I couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed. Having grown up in Michigan I have very fond memories of winters filled with Lots of snow! Sledding and skiing, snow forts, snow ball fights, ice skating and ice fishing I know that I spent hours out in the snow because fresh snow brought endless possibilities for fun. So while a beautiful white sprinkle is pretty, it leaves something to be desired by this snow lover. Today there was not even enough snow to sled down a good hill and we don't own a sled anyway. The boys were still excited and I got them all bundled and layered for and outdoor early morning adventure. I took the opportunity to snap a few photos and feed the chickens and I think they did have a good time. Followed by Hot chocolate and Tea for me, bacon and pancakes and eggs. It was a good morning.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This morning Fynn asked my permission to grow up into a big hockey player. The next time I saw him he had on a bicycle helmet and was hitting a marble around the living room with a long wooden yarn spool.

Rollin has been working on perfecting his push up. Last night after he managed 51 (not in a row) he was skipping around the house shouting "that's how I dooo what I dooo".