Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A is for A-lizabeth

I made strawberry banana smoothies for those boys today and Rollin and Fynneus and I were sitting on the front porch swing while we ate. I looked at Fynn and said "ok Fynn lets go through the alphabet. Tell me something that starts with the "A" sound" He thought for a second then said "A-Lizabeth" I giggled and said "ok good" we continued and when we got to E I asked "what letter starts with the "E"sound." He said "E-lizabeth." I smile and said "very good" eventually we got to the letter "L" and I asked again. He smiled and said "L-Lizabeth."

Lets pretend

The boys are in the kitchen eating "man food" i.e. sardines and smoked oysters out of a can. I call it "man food" because their pawpaw Tim taught them to enjoy these treats and it smells so bad it runs me out of the room.   When they finish eating we are going to make plum jam with plums we picked from Miss Ann's house this morning.   We had all our plums picked and then needed to head to town to get a couple of ingredients to make our jam. I also had a couple of other things to pick up and by the time we got to the 4th store the boys were getting very testy. What I really wanted to do was get what i needed and get out of the store but it is so hard to keep on track with three little boys squealing and wrestling and tickling each other.  I was starting to feel like a broken record.  I pleaded and demanded "please keep your hands to yourselves, guys please stop, hey guys please knock it off, Ok stop boys, Guys don't touch each other" Boy that's it, put your hands in your pockets now!  Stop head butting each other!!"  Luckily this time I had a fresh Idea! I pulled the boys in close and began to whisper "you guys I have an Idea!  Ok you boys are going to pretend to be perfect little gentlemen, I mean like the best behaved boys ever and then when ever we pass someone I will say things like "Oh you are the sweetest little boys ever" and "I love taking you boys shopping" and "oh my what sweet little gentlemen you are." They were pretty excited about this new game at first and we had fun "tricking" people. But then we didn't see anyone for a while and it all fell  apart!  Oh well we got what we needed and the jam turned out great!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Incident report 5-22-2012

Incident Report 5-22-2012

Time : 2:49 am

Location : Fynn's bed

Victim : Fynn

Report: At exactly 2:49 am Fynn came into my bedroom huffing and puffing. He was very agitated and when I finally woke up enough to ask him what was wrong,, he practically shouted "someone pee'd  in my bed!! and it wasn't me!!"

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

The night before Mother's Day Fynn reminded me that it was "Mother's Day Eve". He had made me a card but couldn't find it. I helped him look everywhere because he wanted to re-hide it so we could play the hot and cold game. Finally I told him we would just have to find it tomorrow because it was bed time. The next day we still couldn't find the original card, but he made this one and then lost it once before I found it and gave it to him so he could hide it from me. We had a great time playing the hot and cold game! 
 Tucker made me this  beautiful card complete with a flower in plastic wrap stapled to the bottom corner. When I asked him where he found such a beautiful flower he said "yeah from our flower bed, there are so many I didn't think you guys would mind." He was right! We didn't mind a bit but I thought his card was very sweet and thoughtful.

Rollin asked me a few times if I could help him make a ring and when he thought I wash''t listening i heard him tell his brothers he was going to make me a ring for mother's day. Unfortunately I am no jeweler and we never did get that ring done!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

just a little rambling

Fynn came in the house soaking wet today. He had been out jumping on the trampoline with his brothers, Noah the neighbor and a garden hose. I guess he had had enough so he came in to get dried off. I was tending to Rollin who was resting on the sofa after having his  retinas power washed by his older brother. Rollin began to laugh and he asked me if I heard that? "what" I asked. He laughed again and said "Fynn keeps saying "I literally need to dry off, literally!"" Then we listened and sure enough a naked little Fynn was running around looking for a dry towel saying to himself " ugh I literally need to dry off, literally."

The boys had baseball today! Fynn had a game at 9:45 and Tucker and Rollin had a game at noon. Thadeus was working and we all wished he could have been there! It was 90 degrees today! And it's Only May 5th!!  Fynn is on the "green team" and they were missing several players today so Tuck and Rollin happily joined them to make up for numbers. Somehow Tucker ended up playing first base, and Rollin was playing pitcher. I honestly can't remember where Fynn was playing. But Rolling and Tucker made several good plays and broke the little hearts of all the little t-ball players on the "red team".  The next inning they played in the outfield! Then Fynn played 1st and also made a couple of nice plays!

The Bears played at noon. Rollin was actually the first batter! He smacked a line drive and ran all the way through first. I was really proud of him and one of the dads next to me cheered "now that's how to start the game!" Rollin seems to be getting faster and stronger everyday! I can't remember all the details but I am pretty sure Rollin scored three Runs! He played second base and is learning his position there well. Tucker was amazing too!  He only knows one way to play baseball and that's with everything he's got. He doesn't jog he runs. He doesn't toss he throws. He doesn't just watch he is focused. He don't just listen to the coaches he does exactly what they ask of him. To him it's not a game, it's baseball, and he loves it! He played third base today and there was a pop fly right to him. He had great position, the ball smacked his glove! I jumped and held my breathe! and it popped out of his glove again. He forgot to use his other hand!! Oh man it was still pretty sweet. He recovered the ball quickly and threw it to Bryson at first base and threw the runner out!!  He batted great too. One of his at bats the bases where loaded and he got three runners home. He got stuck on third and never made it in. I think he scored two runs himself today! So the bears won 11-0.  The whole team played really well!

After the game we went to Rita's frozen Custard! We were getting into the van and the boys were all commenting on how hot it was inside the van. Rollin said "whoa yeah it is really hot in here, my ice cream is starting to melt already!" Then Fynn mumbled "I know I've got a puddle in my mouth!"

Oh there is more, there is always more! But I have to go pack! We are leaving for Indiana in the morning. Hoping to meet a sweet little girl named Ruby and love on her beautiful parents!