Thursday, August 26, 2010

I caught them in a smile..............

a shared moment beneath a tree

Uncle Freddies Freedom

After being a loyal pet turtle for over a year, we finally agreed that it was fair and right to let him go. Uncle Freddy is a red eared slider that we brought home from a camping trip last summer. Turtles don't tend to show much emotion but I know he was glad to be set free.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tucker Turns Seven

Okay, I will try to write something before the time slips away from me. Indeed yesterday was Tuckers seventh birthday. Thadeus and I stayed up past midnight decorating the house with streamers and balloons and I got a little carried away sewing a party banner. He was excited to wake and find the house prepared for his special day. Thadeus took him out for a special birthday breakfast where he gave him his first very own pocket knife. A camouflage single blade, Case knife. He came home to a couple more small gifts and played with his brothers and Thadeus while I prepared his birthday cake. He requested a white cake, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Around noon His friends John and Gabe came over and the fun began! We played a lot of impromptu party games and lucky for me Jenn was here to help with it all. Tucker and each of the boys received a new nerf gun but we only had one nerf dart for each of them. So we went outside to do the pinata. The boys loved hitting it and showing off their swings, finally it started to open and almost a hundred nerf darts fell to the ground. The last game of the day was freeze dance and everyone had a great time. Tuckers Nanna and Poppa came over for cake and Tucker opened his gifts from Aunt Jenn and and Liz and Pawpaw and opened some cards from friends and family. The day was kind of a blurr, with so many young people, so much excitement and so much energy. There are probably a million more details I could share about his party and about his day, but I'd rather say that Tucker is Amazing! He is turning into a young man right before my eyes. He is so bright and learns so quickly, he is athletic and energetic, he sings so sweetly when he thinks no one can hear. He is so eager for new experiences and new friends. He is very responsible and bold at the same time. Sometimes it is hard for me to see him separate from his brothers but when I do, i can see all that is good in him, and there really is quite a lot.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

thoughtful thanks

Tonight at circle time the boys and I shared what we were grateful for this day.

Fynn~ "I'm grateful that we got to go to Nannas' and that we are doing circle time"

Tucker~ "I am grateful that Daddy has a great job and he really likes it. I am grateful that we are all healthy and no one is sick right now and I'm also grateful for our nice comfy beds and that we have a good strong house and I'm also grateful that I have two good brothers and a good mom and dad."

Rollin~ "I'm also grateful that we get to do circle time and that I have two good brothers

I am grateful that even on a day when it seems that these boys have so much energy that it cannot possibly be harnessed that they could be still long enough to gather around a small burning flame and give thoughtful thanks for what is close to their heart.