Monday, January 30, 2012

Why today was fantastically amazing!

First thing this morning Fynn said "can I help you make dinner" I smiled and said "you can help me make breakfast" "is that what it is?" he asked. I shook my head yes and he followed me into the kitchen. He told me that he thought we should have pancakes and I told him he probably didn't even need my help for that. I gave him such little instruction and he made the most beautiful, most delicious pancakes!

 at one point he asked me if I would call Tucker and Rollin in for breakfast.

I watched him swell with pride as they devoured his creation.

                                                          and finally he enjoyed his own.
Later I enjoyed a few minutes of peace in the house. But even more I enjoyed the view out the back door.

Then there was boot camp, cooking, good friends. phone calls to and from the love of my life, sunshine, giggles, hugs, singing, wrestling, good music and to end the day a pulled tooth!

They were eating dumplings with chopsticks for second dinner. Tucker bit into his chopstick with a loose tooth. . A bit later he walked up to me with  a seriousness about him and said. "I'm gonna pull this tooth tonight."  and he did!  He said "I got it!"  "really?" I asked "yeah! I wish daddy was here" he said, then asked to call him. Later I heard him say it was the perfect time to loose a tooth because he is saving up for a 3DS.  
                                                               Fantastically amazing!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

There is a Birthday Coming!

This morning I told Fynn that his birthday is in 11 days. "wow" he said. I asked what he wanted to do for his birthday. He said "scream!"I giggled at him then he added "I also want to play a game with marshmallows and then eat them!" He went on to tell me he wants to drink lemonade and watch the rest of us have a water balloon fight. He doesn't really want to do the water balloon fight with us because he doesn't want to get hurt.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Right Now!

One of us is sanding wood.
One of us is drawing the piano.
One of us is playing angry birds.
One of us is crocheting.
One of us is trying to lasso the dog.
One of us is trying not to get lasso'd.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Family Wrestling Tournament

Today was our first family wrestling tournament! It truely was a family affair. I got everyone's clothes and singlets ready the night before and even prepared food for the day. Still we had to wake up at 6 to be there in time. I was running around this morning finishing up some last minute things and suddenly realized it was 6:30am, Time to wake the boys. It is much earlier than they are used to getting up. I played Queens "we are the champions" very loudly and sure enough three little boys made their way out of bed and into their singlets. All smiles and ready to go! I was running around then trying to get myself ready. I came into the kitchen and Asked Thadeus where the boys were. All ready and in the van!  So needless to say we arrived right on time!  Fynn and Rollin wrestled three matches back to back. Thadeus was of course in their corner and I was on the sideline recording video. 

Fynn wrestled a little boy named Hudson. He was just as cute as Fynn and together they were completely entertaining!  He beat him twice and won 1st place in his weight class!

Rollin wrestled three different boys from different clubs. He did Great! He really is a fighter and when he gets some moves down he will be a tough competitor. He lost his matches today and took 4th place in his weight class. But, he had fun and was just glad to be out there. 

Then we had about a half hour break and Tucker was up. He won all three of his matches, with a pin in the third and final match. Taking 1st place for his weight class. He was pretty intense on the mat and really started to look good when he calmed down and started listening to his coach! 

 It was such a fun and exciting day! Seriously not a dull moment.  The boys loved the wrestling of course but they also loved the freedom that comes with a gymnasium full of wrestling families and having lots of friends to visit with in between matches! Fynn got so many compliments on his gold medal. One coach even offered to buy it. Fynn just clutched it in his tiny hand and shook his head.  Of course Thadeus has a mile long list of things he wants to work on with them, but we are both so proud of each of them!

The things they have been saying............

"You forgot the spoon lady" ~Fynn, as I served him second dinner after a late wrestling practice.

"Mom? Do you think a person could actually die from getting shot by a meat bullet?"  Tucker, during a drive to some friends house.

I threw a wet towel at Rollin and asked him to hang it up after his shower. It hit him in the head and he said "oh man that was like a mertior rock!" "A what?" I asked "A merterer, you know that falls from the sky?"

Fynn calls a wrestling tournament a "Gran Finale".

There must be so much more that I cannot seem to recall right now. More soon! I promise!

Alright I guess I will admit defeat since it is already the middle of January and I still have not finished the series of Christmas advent calender post. At this point it is all a blurr! The rest of the activities were fun but nothing stands out to me anymore. Christmas eve we baked sugar cookies and decorated them with Jenn for Santa. Christmas was wonderful!  A touching moment for me was when Tucker finished opening his stocking, which the boys all opened first and he looked at me with a twinkle of amazement and said "I cant believe this! I am so happy I don't even need any other presents, I would have been happy with just the stockings!"  Oh melt my heart! But that wasn't all he received.  He got the rifle he had been longing for so that now he can deer hunt with his dad! And all the boys were super excited to receive BB guns from their aunt Liz! Yes it feel a little like weapon central at our house, but with their super carful and attentive dad running the "shooting range" I am feeling more at ease with boys and BB guns! Thadeus got me a family camping tent and I am eagerly waiting the camping weather to arrive! My mom, with an amazing and loving memory got us a family tee pee! She remembered a comment I had made at some point in my life that I just had to have a tee pee by the time I turned 30, and with that birthday fast approaching it was perfect timing! Now we just need the ground to dry out a little so we can set it up! Best of all by far though was having my mom, dad and sister here to celebrate the holiday with!  Well alright then, now that I have wrapped up the Christmas post I can continue blogging with out guilt. Back to all the wonderful, silly and amazing things that happen in our daily lives! Happy New Year!!