Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21 2012

These things were actually said at my house today.

Rollin : "Fynn thanks for helping me find the matches."

Fynn: "It was my pleasure."


Tucker : "Actually I think I do need scottage tape."


Fynn to me "thanks toots!"


 Rollins newest creation is a home made scope with cross hairs.
 Tucker and I spent some time today trying to perfect paper fletching on a home made fire hardened arrow.
 Rollin tried to run away from my camera! Gotch ya Rollin!
 Fynn, with his orange ball.
A little piece of metal treasure Fynn found in the back yard.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sellin a house while three boys live in it

I mean it is a lot of work having three boys or trying to sell a house but trying to do both at the same time pretty much crazy! I actually was feeling like I sorta had everything "under control" for the open house that our realtor is having tomorrow, but then........well The boys are always hungry for second supper so before anyone even asked I threw a bunch of super healthy frozen chicken wings in the oven cleaned the kitchen did a bunch of laundry took out the trash remembered that the chicken wings were in the oven and got them out before they burned!  Turned out no one was really hungry. Or they just didn't want chickens wings, but when I announced that it was either time to eat them or get in bed they all decided to eat. So Fynn accidentally grabbed one of the "HoT" wings and immediately started to hyper ventilate and run in circles and back and forth in the kitchen. He drank some water and continued to pant, complaining of fire in his mouth, so I suggested more water. He chugged another glass of water still completely frantic. So i quickly grabbed a piece of super healthy bread and super healthy peanut butter and made a super healthy sandwich that I was sure would fix the problem.  I said "here Fynn take a bite" he looked hard at the sandwich and said I think I'm okay now." But I had just made a peanut butter sandwich in record time so I insisted "Here just take one bite" He continued glaring at the sandwich then said "my stomach hurrr,,,I'm gonna be sick" and he immediately put his hand over his mouth and ran vomiting all the way through the house until he got to the bathroom.  Luckily Thadeus is a carpet cleaning genius!  I think Fynn is fine now but Rollin definitely had a fever when went to sleep!   So for now I am just hoping everyone wakes up healthy in the morning and our buyers fall in love with this place tomorrow afternoon!

p.s. we had red and green pancakes this morning for the first day of december!