Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Yesterday evening I was tucking the boys into bed. Fynn was last. When I finally climbed up to his top bunk for one last hug and kiss, I could see that he was not happy.  "What's wrong" I asked in my most sincere, mothering, good night voice. "I just cant stop thinking about when you and Daddy and Tucker and Rollin will die." He explained.  We talked for a couple minutes and then switching gears I said "one thing that helps is to make a list or count things in your head, happy things like all the places you would like to visit. Why don't you try to think of all the fun places you would like us all to visit together as a family." He looked at me a little confused. I said "you know, like Holiday World......." Without missing a beat he says "New Jersey..........". It was all I could do to keep a straight face but I am sure my face wasn't hiding my confusion completely. He looked at me and said "just kidding."  We laughed so hard and Tucker who had been on the bottom bunk the entire time began laughing with us.  So fast forward to the next morning, earlier today, I was combing Fynns hair as we waited for the school bus and I asked him if he had thought of anymore places he would like to visit. He said "mostly places you have to take an airplane to, like  Paris and Chinese".