Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have had some startling realizations lately that some of the things that I have been working on and dreaming about for years as a parent are actually becoming my reality. I am a dreamer at my core and the curse of a dreamer is not seeing what is right before them, in the present. I have been working on this though, since the day I gave birth to my oldest son. I don't want to miss a thing, and so I have been in training. I still have a long way to go I think. But I realize that these amazing boys are growing up before my eyes! They are learning to share and to be compassionate towards one another. They are learning something from everything I do, which is both frightening and wonderful. If they learn from my mistakes they will be very wise for I make many! They are learning to read people, not judge them. They are learning to explore and enjoy and they are learning to love. I am in awe of them and I am learning too.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Peanut Gallery

Tucker declared today about the weather, "It's fine. We don't even need socks" and so three brothers are playing outside in the crisp air and sunshine. They found a bag of peanuts still in the shell and asked to have them to share of course. I agreed and they all skipped off joyfully. I peeked out the back door to see what they were up to. I could see and hear them cheering each other on as they took turns throwing peanuts onto the roof. It chills and warms my heart at the same time to realize that when I am removed from their presence they find harmony with each other. Sometimes I imagine myself as a small child running with them or trying to keep up with them, it helps me to see them in the true light that shines on each of them right now. I love my little peanuts!

I have concluded, for the moment anyway, that motherhood is an epic feat of giving endlessly and even that which a mother needs for herself she must ask and beg herself for it before she will allow herself to have it. Though, once she begins to give to herself she becomes a better mother, for she is now more capable of giving to her children that which they need, before they ask, and she is able to do it from a place of love and compassion.

On Respect: A mother must have respect and confidence for herself. If she does not she will not teach her children to respect her. If a child does not learn respect for his mother he will likely have little respect for others in his life. Respect and being grateful are hand in hand.

A mothers most powerful weapon are her fingers when in tickle mode.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rollin has a new skill

The whole family gathered for dinner of orange chicken with broccoli and white rice. Rollin had wandered from the table and Fynn had followed. Tucker had stuck around to engage in conversation with Thadeus and I as he often does. I think he enjoys that time with us to talk about real things. I was saying something to Thadeus when Rollin skipped up to me and interrupted and I asked him to wait. He bounce around while I finished explaining my thought to Thadeus and when it was his turn he said. "Do ya know what I've been practicing?" I told him I did not. "Do ya want me to show ya?" Of course I did. He explained and demonstrated at the same time, "well I lay on the floor and put my hands like this,......... behind my head then I do this,....................see, I put my elbows all the way to the ground." I tried not to laugh at first but I couldn't hold back. Does a small child really need to practice that? Was he teasing me? No. He was completely serious! I got so tickled because this child has some really amazing tricks that he actually has had to work on. He can do great head stands and head spins! Push ups, kart wheels, all sorts of break dancing moves, he can ride a wheelie, not to mention crack an egg in the skillet without breaking the yoke and back bends! Oh and hula-hoop! I still don't know why this seemed special to him but it did, so I took photos, and then we started getting creative with our trick and Rollin and I created the "stacked back-bend". Hope you enjoy these....................

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuckers Perfect Day in Food.

Breakfast : Runny Eggs, Bacon, Orange Juice, Biscuit with Jelly

Snack: Cereal

Lunch: Sushi

Dinner: Water to drink, Saucy Ribs, carrots and broccoli to dip in ranch dressing.

Desert: 1 scoop of strawberry Ice cream.

Tucker was trying to convince me that he should be allowed to decide what he eats. My argument was that he would eat nothing but sweets. He disagreed! So I asked him to tell me his perfect day in food.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gun slinging pink markin'

I thought Fynn was adorable when he made his way into the living room as a cowboy with a toy gun in one pocket and a pink marker in the other. I used to think toy guns were unacceptable but 3 sons have soften me to this a bit. He is precious even with a plastic toy gun in his hand.