Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Memories

My memories as an old woman will not be of how tidy the living room was or how the kitchen floor shined on any particular day. I will not remember the condition of the beds, linens or clothes. I will not recall a sparkling bathroom. Nor will I remember these things undone. My memories will be the moments that filled in the time. Small voices, giggles, smiles and tears. I will remember the moments I spent face to face with my children, hand in hand and all around the kitchen table. I will remember the moments I paused and tried to freeze time with a sigh. I will remember moments where my only role was a distant onlooker of these little ones I love so much. My memories will be great, and I am making them now.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Lots and lots of ruckus and squeals were coming from the boys room, which of course meant that it was bed time. Through all the chaos I heard Fynn shout "hey, hey you guys, what if i was bo-un in the nineteen eighties?" giggle giggle giggle "Hey what if I was, what if I was bo-un in the nineteen eighties?" more giggles. I was standing, humorously offended just out of sight so I stomped into their room shouting "HEY!" they all froze and looked at me wide eyed. "I'll have you know that I was born in the nineteen eighties!" I said in the most serious voice i could muster. Laughter erupted and a boy or two collapsed onto a bed. Then Fynneus asked "but what if I was bo-un in the nineteen eighties?" "well then" I said "you would be as old as me." He giggled, bounced and said "woaahh".

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuckers best night

The boys had been outside jumping on the trampoline and spraying each other with the garden hose. I was about to call them in for a snack before bed when they showed up at the door dripping wet. I wrapped them each in a towel as they peeled away their wet clothes. Then they sat happily and nakedly at the table eating bananas with chocolate hazelnut butter wrapped in a tortilla shell. Tucker said that he liked it better than cookies. Fynn liked it too but Rollin asked for a plain banana. I told them that when they were through eating it would be time to get ready for bed. I also said that I would have time to read to them tonight. Tuckers eyes widened and he smiled and said "this is my best night, like the best night I've ever had".

A trip to the mountains

Friday, July 22, 2011

Professional Baseball Player

I was on a hike recently with my mom and my boys. Everyone was moving much faster than Fynn so I stayed back with him as he took his time on the trail. He was walking along quietly in front of me with a walking stick he had found. "I want to be a real professional baseball player when I grow up" he said as he swung his stick. I smiled and thought for a moment, then asked "what do you think it takes to be a professional baseball player Fynn?" He immediately answered "well Rowin said you have to hit wots and wots of home runs." I smiled as the image of Rollin advising Fynn on the topic ran through my head. Then asked "what do you think it takes to be able to hit lots and lots of home runs?" He took more time then said "I don't know". I said "well one thing I know is that it takes lots of practice." Without missing a beat He asked "should I practice now?"

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Right now 7/16/2011 5:40pm

One of them is sharpening his rock.
One of them is arranging his cars in a row.
One of them has locked himself in the bathroom.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Rollin Hood

Our little Archer has lost his first tooth. But it didn't just fall out. He followed in his big brothers foot steps and shot it out of his mouth with a string and a bow and arrow. He took one practice shot. Then we attached the string and he made a nice clean shot and out cam the tooth. Unfortunately we lost it in the tall grass, but the tooth fairy did not seem to mind a bit!

Pip Sqeak

We drove out to Pickwick Lake yesterday for the very first time. We had a lovely day filled with corn dogs and mustard, swimming in the lake, exploring and fishing. When it was time to head home we made one last stop at a restroom. As Thadeus walked inside the building I put the van into drive and started to turn around so we were heading the right direction but as I was doing this Rollin asked "are we leaving daddy here?" "No of course not" I said. "You mean we're not gonna leave him at pip squeak lake?"