Saturday, July 18, 2009

We rode or bikes to the lake today. Our main goals were to let a baby snapping turtle go that is currently in our care and to catch minnows and baby catfish in minnow nets as we have done before. Also, Koda was in need of a good romp. We gathered all our gear, and set out on our bikes. Tucker and Rollin are becoming increasingly good on two wheels. Anything that is remotely higher than the road becomes a jump and anything with significant height becomes a launch pad! We happen to have 4 speed bumps on our street. Can you imagine the joy? The biggest challenge of the ride for me is getting three little boys a dog and myself across the highway safely. Today was a breeze. I couldn't see a car in either direction. Normally we wait quite a while for the perfect break in traffic. We got to the lake and within seconds I had my camera ready and within minutes Tucker had caught his first minnow! He is very good at learning animal behavior. At first the boys are always very cautious around the water only getting wet up to their ankles, then up to their shorts. Then one of them usually asks if they can get their shorts wet and the next thing I know they are flopping around soaking wet and having a blast. At some point in the middle of our fun I realized that we had not brought the snapping turtle! Tucker was quick to point out that it was okay, we'd just have to come back again! Rollin found a long stick and a string and went fishing the rest of our time, tucker continued to catch many fish, which we now have at home living (for now) with Uncle Freddy, and Fynn stayed occupied for a while with my camera. We did have a good time but hunger and the lunch hour drove us home for nourishment and rest. Tucker usually puts up a fight about resting but When I mentioned it was a race night at the BMX track tonight he went right to his room and laid down. Fynn is already asleep ad Rollin is waiting for me to come cuddle him, so that is all I can say for now.

Give a kid a camera

Fynneus asked to take pictures with my camera while we were at the lake today. I agreed as long as he stayed back away from the water. I love looking at the pictures he's taken later. I love that he takes pictures of Everything he sees instead of waiting for "the perfect shot". I hope you enjoy them too.

follow up

Well Fynn is doing fine. THe second day the bridge of his nose was swollen and his forehead was pretty bruised. Is upper lip was fine though. I did notice that the corner of his eyeball was really red also. Now he seems good though. Everything is healing very quickly! Thanks for the reminder about the Arnica Becky I am sure it helped!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Incident Report

Fynn climbed up the ladder to the top of the bunk beds today and proceeded to look back down over the edge directly over the ladder. He then fell over the edge hitting his face on the ladder all the way down and landed on his head. When I arrived on the scene he was face down on his knees and elbows holding his face. He sustained bruising to the forehead, nose and upper lip along with slight bleeding from his right nostril. He is recovering well but I expect the bruising to worsen before it improves. updates will follow.