Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Using Words

We have had a couple of wonderful weeks complete with a nice break in the winter weather and some really wonderful company. Of course we had school and all the regular errands to run including doughnut delivery to the nursing home. Unfortunately all the excitement has ended presently with mild illness running its way through the household. Which of course makes for a serious case of the crankies, to which Fynn and Rollin seem to be most susceptible closely followed by me I fear. So tonight as I tucked the two little ones into bed Rollin continued to inform me of all the wrong doings of his little brother. Then as I turned to kiss and Hug Fynn he said "yeah and when you yell at us I just want to punch you". My first reaction was a chuckle, which I held back, but then I felt so sad to know that I evoked this feeling from my own sweet child. I apologized for my downfall and he replied ever so sweetly "but I do love you".

I spend a lot of my days trying to help the boys form words and sentences to go with their feeling and emotion as an alternative to reacting with physical contact or outburst and it is somewhat humbling when they get it right, as their honesty is no easier to swallow. But it is their reality and my place to accept that and help them through it when I am able.


  1. Just wanted to say that I *so* hear you on this one!

  2. Thanks Keely! Hope you and your family are well!