Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bull Riding

I was in the kitchen convincing my self that cleaning the kitchen was worthy of my time on this beautiful day when I realized the most wonderful bull riding event was taking place in the living room. I was determined to stay in the kitchen because I had set a timer for exactly 10 minutes and that was all the time I was willing to give to the endlessly messy room. But I decided to jot down the things I was still able to hear from there between the clanking dishes and running water.

"stay on stay on stay on"

"this is just the qualifying bull"

"I'm still on"

"who wants to ride a big bad bull"

"hang on"



"I thought yo said you were ready"

"this is gonna be the hardest buck"

"hold on"

"I'm still on"

"still on still on still on"


"you busted my lip"

"can I borrow your mouth guard?"

*In the end I could not stay away and I snapped a couple pictures. The kitchen is still a terrible mess.

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