Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Force Field

Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen with Thadeus clanking around in preparation for breakfast when I heard an argument coming from the living room. I quickly stepped in just in time to see Rollin shove Fynn across the room and fall to the ground. "You guys what is going on? Rollin why did you just shove Fynneus like that?' I asked. Rollin turned around and angrily replied "he just hit me with his sword!" My eyes were wide then and I looked at Fynn and asked "Fynneus why did you hit your brother with a sword?" He hopped up and threw his sword to the ground, still very agitated and said "betuz I said no foce fiuds (force fields) and Rollin said....................." Now Fynns eyes become really intense and he is mimicking what Rollin did earlier by taking a dominating stance and waving his arms in slow intense circles and then he whispers "Foce Fiud (force field)." I tried to give a motherly reminder that even if some one says "force field" we don't hit especially with swords. Then I explained to Fynn that he couldn't play with the sword right now and quickly returned to the kitchen and shut the doors behind me to share the story with Thadeus and laugh!

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