Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

The night before Mother's Day Fynn reminded me that it was "Mother's Day Eve". He had made me a card but couldn't find it. I helped him look everywhere because he wanted to re-hide it so we could play the hot and cold game. Finally I told him we would just have to find it tomorrow because it was bed time. The next day we still couldn't find the original card, but he made this one and then lost it once before I found it and gave it to him so he could hide it from me. We had a great time playing the hot and cold game! 
 Tucker made me this  beautiful card complete with a flower in plastic wrap stapled to the bottom corner. When I asked him where he found such a beautiful flower he said "yeah from our flower bed, there are so many I didn't think you guys would mind." He was right! We didn't mind a bit but I thought his card was very sweet and thoughtful.

Rollin asked me a few times if I could help him make a ring and when he thought I wash''t listening i heard him tell his brothers he was going to make me a ring for mother's day. Unfortunately I am no jeweler and we never did get that ring done!

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