Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuckers 9th Birthday

Tucker's last year in the single digits! Thadeus wanted to do something special with him for his birthday this year so the two of them went over to Arkansas, on the White River, for a all day guided fishing trip. I think they both had a great time and Tucker tole me that he wasn't trying to hurt my feelings but that he had been having so much fun he didn't even miss me!  On his actual birthday the weather was so beautiful that we ended up outside most of the day. We were all out front riding bikes, well i was just taking photos, but all the boys were ramping bikes and having a great time. Thadeus got the little dirt bike out for Tucker to ride. I think that made his day!  We made a pinata and tried to round up all the neighborhood boys to whack it with us but most of them were not home. Our friend Noah came down though and the boys had fun smashing it with the bat, all except Rollin who was last in line and didn't get to hit it.  We went out to dinner that night for BBQ ribs, Tucker's choice of course. And for desert........ root beer floats!  I can't believe I have been his mom for nine years! He is amazing! I love you Tucker James Andrew! 

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