Monday, April 27, 2009

I was in the Kitchen creating a new recipe for gingersnap biscotti when I heard the friction building in the living room. I heard Tucker shout "I don't want to play with you if you're not gonna DIE Rolli" I quickly sought them out to see if i could diffuse the situation. Which actually would be an accurate description of my occupation at present, "Situation Diffuser" . Turned out they were playing Antelope hunting, with Rollin as the antelope and Tucker as the hunter (of course) and Even though Tucker had made several very accurate shots with his imaginary gun, Rollin just couldn't stay "dead". How frustrating for an imaginary hunter. But of course Rollin, as the antelope wanted to die on his own terms, which is also totally understandable.

They have now moved on from play hunting and were standing at the end of the drive way, all three of them, Fynn naked on the bottom half, except for Rollins old sneakers which he as adopted as his own. They were shouting across the road to their friend John, who was being summoned to come play at our house. I walked down to retrieve them and encourage a safer place to play. On the way up the drive way Tucker showed me his new gun and phone. Both are actually pieces of wood, fallen branches found on the ground, that vaguely resemble the shape of the desired object. I don't know why little boys are so drawn to playing "guns". We don't watch television with any gun slingin', Of course Thadeus hunts, but only for food, which we have tried to instill. But it seems a fascination with all little boys and I am hoping it passes. Soon. I must go now, Rollin is determined that he "weely weely needs to do some school work today!"

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