Friday, April 17, 2009

Dirt bikes and Boys

All three of my boys are fascinated by dirt bikes. In fact That is all Rollin "really" wanted for his 4th birthday. While a real dirt bike wasn't in the budget this year he did need a new bicycle. Well it turns out that my boys aren't the only ones who like dirt bikes because they actually make bicycles that look like dirt bikes. Thadeus and I scored one at the third store we went to. It is still a little big for him, but he rides it well. He has trouble getting going and stopping but everything in between that is smooth sailing, or riding rather. So this morning Tucker on his (vintage) Mongoose, Fynneus and I on my (vintage) 3 speed Schwinn, and Rollin on his Flashy new Dirt Bike set out for our second bike ride of the day! Well the creek behind the big houses has water right now and Tucker was sure that he saw a frog. So at every possible frog spot we all stopped, got off our bikes, got Fynn out of his seat and hunted for the super slimy hoppin amphibians. At the last place we stopped Rollin rolled to a slow and jumped off the bike sideways so he wouldn't get tangled in it when it went down. After being completely disappointed at not finding a single frog Rollin picked his bike up to discover that the handle had landed right in a fire aunt hill! The bike was crawling! Now, swarms of insect make me very tense and if there had been a lake near by I probably would have dunked the entire bike in the lake. But of course there wasn't a lake anywhere so I began to meticulously flick, brush, smash, blow, rub, hit, wipe, and knock ants from Rollins bike. I escaped the entire event with only a couple of stings and thankfully Rollin did not get a single one!

Now on a completely different topic, while I was writing about the bike ride I heard a distress whine comming from Fynn in the back yard. I quickly hopped up and ran outside. Rollin called to me "Mommy, Fynn is about to fall" I scanned the area looking for the little toe head who was all in grey last time I saw him. To my surprise I found a twisted naked body hanging on to the spring horse for dear life! I am not sure how he got into the compromising position but I am certain the little pile of grey clothes beside the horse was not an accident. I think someday when he gets his first real truck I will equip it with a bumber sticker that states "I'd rather be naked".

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