Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Piper is a puppy that is in our care. She was abandoned by her owner and was much to young to survive on her own. Now at six and a half weeks old she is healthy and frisky. Tonight while I was organizing my food shelves I heard Fynn having a word with Piper. It went like this. "Hi puppy. If you don't kill me I wont kill you. okay? okay puppy? good girl". I think the word "kill" is what got my attention but the fact that he was talking in the sweetest softest voice he could manage is what made it so comical to me.

Another thing about Fynn right now is that he is totally appose to any kind of nickname or pet name or even adjective. So on any normal day you might hear this:

L: Good morning sweet Fynneus
F: I not sweet I Fynneus

L: Come on darlin, we need to go.
F: I not Darlin, I Fynneus.

L: Can I help you down little Fynn
F: I not little Fynn, I Fynneus

L: Okay Fynny Fynn what would you like to drink?
F: I not Fynny Fynn I Fynneus

you get the idea.....................

He gets really angry when his brothers refer to him as a baby.

R: No Fynn, these markers aren't for babies.
F: I not a baby I Fynneus! (shouted)
R: Okay, Sorry Fynn these markers aren't for 2 year olds.
F: I not two yea old, I big wike Tuckeh, I Fynneus! (shouted)

Also tonight at Tuckers class the instructor asked Fynn how old he was, Fynn answered shyly, "six". :)

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