Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Sign of School

To call Tucker's first year of "Kindergarten" relaxed would be an understatement. There has been no real routine and no schedule for most of the year. Schooling seemed to happen when there wasn't much else to do. He has been doing really well with math and numbers and learning to tell time but until yesterday hasn't shown a readiness to read. He does know his letters, can write them and make each sound but putting the sounds together has been mostly frustration. So I haven't pushed it at all. I have been confident that we will both know when he is ready. Yesterday he read 6 pages from one of my childhood books, then with pride read them again for practice, then again for his dad. Watching this has given me huge excitement in teaching my children. Rollin is eager to learn to read himself, but still would rather stand on his head than hear what i am saying and it is okay.

I recently took the initiative to turn our "guest bedroom" into a class room. I am so glad I did. Now when I enter the classroom I am not distracted by the dirty kitchen or mountain of laundry, The computer doesn't call me away and I can be completely connected with my sweet boys. Some times I do wander out and into the kitchen to make some hot tea, but not for long, and what is even better we may spend the whole morning in there learning and laughing. Fynn usually comes and goes and entertains himself well, Sometimes asking if he can draw or make art. Today Rollin picked out a book and lay on his belly on the floor looking through the pages and counting to himself while Tucker and I worked together. It is not Fancy, it is not even finished but it is ours and it is perfect!

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