Thursday, January 7, 2010

Curried Couscous Catastrophe

We got home from Tuckers MMA class tonight around 7:30 and I had a couple of things to do that were urgent, then I began scrambling for dinner. I would have scrambled eggs but 1 is all thats left and it wouldn't even be enough for Fynn's dinner. SO I found some Couscous in the pantry and set to work in something green. Baby sweet peas will do. THen I hopped online to get an easy recipe. Curried couscous sounded great! I briefly scanned the recipe for the major ingredients then ran back to the kitchen to work my magic. When they were finished I tasted my creation. Ickh! I couldn't believe it was so bad so I tried it two more times to be certain. It was still horrible. I decided to offer it to the children anyway and just see what might happen. Tucker said "I don't really care for this, it's too spicy". Rollin said "No it's not spicy but I don't care for it either, well I guess it is kinda spicy. I don't really care for it either". So Fynn joined in "I wove it! I dooo tare for it tuz I wove it". Then he took a bite and said "uhh I don't weally tare for dis". THen they cleared their own plates into the "chicken scrap bowl" and I started on round two. They smiled and thanked me when I served second dinner. Instant oatmeal. Maple and Brown Sugar.

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  1. Such politeness! Can they please give my kids lessons? We've been known to have popcorn for dinner on nights like those!