Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools Day

I had completely forgotten it was April fools day until the middle of the day when Nanna reminded us. The rest of the day was interesting with these 3 and it went something like this.............

Rollin stuffed (sorta) a baseball into my sandal.

Rollin stuffed tissues into the toes of Thadeus' shoes.

I told Rollin I had caught a big wiggly spider in my hand and when he got really close I startled him by shouting and opening my hand real fast.

There was a Mt. Everest of clean laundry on the love seat all day and so Fynn stuck a baseball bat right into the middle of it to trick me. (with help from Rollin)

Fynn also stuck a guitar into Mt. Everest to trick me.

While we were trying to get ready for T-ball practice I was looking all over the house for Rollins practice pants. I decided that they must be at the bottom of Mt Everest. So I began to peel back the layers until I actually got to the bottom and there on the cushion was my cell phone! With missed calls! I have no Idea how long it was under there, but the squeels of delight were totally worth a few missed calls.

Then having still not found Rollins pants, I asked him if he knew where they were. "oh I think there in the dryer". I thought he could actually be right, although I didn't know why he would know they were in there. As I dug through the clothes I did not find his pants but I did find a GIANT paper wad. Completely clueless still, i said "uh, how did that get in there?" Rollin Erupted with laughter and danced about.

I know I played more little jokes on them but apparently they were not that good because I can't recall them now.

So Later that evening at My Mom and Dads house the fooling continued and all in good fun. Tucker and I unscrewed light bulbs in the kitchen and bathroom. Then we short- sheeted their bed. Although I realized later that we hadn't done it right.

Okay so now for the best trick of the day. Thadeus had been working from 12:30 until 8:30 so on our way home from my parents house he called to say he was headed home. I told him we were still at my parents and that he would probably beat us home. Then I let the boys in on my plan. They were reluctant the entire time but I was determined to pull it off. So we made it home before Thadeus. We parked at the school and walked home, leaving all the lights off. Luckily we had time for everyone to use the bathroom. Then we watched for his truck. THe boys were so excited and nervous when we finally saw him. We all took our spots in the dark living room and when Thadeus finally made his way to us we jumped out and yelled "April Fools!" IT was soooo great Thadeus jumped and yelled and almost peed his pants!

Tucker just informed me that he played a joke on me but it still hasn't happened. uh-oh.

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