Thursday, August 5, 2010

thoughtful thanks

Tonight at circle time the boys and I shared what we were grateful for this day.

Fynn~ "I'm grateful that we got to go to Nannas' and that we are doing circle time"

Tucker~ "I am grateful that Daddy has a great job and he really likes it. I am grateful that we are all healthy and no one is sick right now and I'm also grateful for our nice comfy beds and that we have a good strong house and I'm also grateful that I have two good brothers and a good mom and dad."

Rollin~ "I'm also grateful that we get to do circle time and that I have two good brothers

I am grateful that even on a day when it seems that these boys have so much energy that it cannot possibly be harnessed that they could be still long enough to gather around a small burning flame and give thoughtful thanks for what is close to their heart.

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