Saturday, September 25, 2010

Incident Report: September 25 2010

I woke this morning to find three small boys laying on the floor beside my bed. I managed to get through with out stepping on them. The littlest one was making demands of food. I headed down the hall way and as I passed the classroom I glanced over my shoulder to see that an entire piggy bank had been emptied and its contents spread thoroughly over the floor. Accompanying the coins were, what appeared to be, every miniature car in the house. I proceeded down the hall without stopping. I was passed by a superhero with a neon orange handkerchief cape. The superhero then morphed into a dragon and proceeded to perform lightning fast front flips on the couch as I shuffled by into the kitchen. I then gathered all my energy to pour three bowls of cereal when I heard an imaginary game of baseball erupt in the living room which almost immediately transitioned to a bull riding event. Suddenly 3 boys were rushing to the table and I glanced at a clock which was approaching 8 am. I fear this may prove to be a very long day for this "under the weather" mom.

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