Wednesday, September 29, 2010

what was he thinking?

The boys and I had finished school and were enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather. Rollin was doing tricks on his bike and Tucker was carving a stick. I was sitting quietly with the scarf I was crocheting and Fynn and Thadeus were just returning from a bike ride. Thadeus began talking to me when I realized i was surrounded by every member of the family including the dog, I was still crocheting and concentrating on my work as I tried to listen. Then I felt something on my foot and at that exact moment Thadeus said "Don't pee on Mommies foot". It took a short moment for the words i was hearing and the sensation i was feeling on my foot to connect. When we all realized he had in fact peed all over my foot laughter erupted and we are still trying to figure out what Fynn was thinking!

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