Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Babe

Thadeus sat on the wooden bench that my dad made for me when I was seven. The boys were moving through the bedtime routine after a long evening at wrestling practice. Fynneus joined Thadeus on the bench and threaded his small hands in and around Thadeus' arm and leaned his head into him. He spoke tiredly, "I bet you aw da ownwee one dat knows how to skin a deea and a fox". He paused for a moment and added "well maybe Babe Rufe". He went on to ask a few questions about Babe Ruth, including asking Thadeus to take him to see him play someday. But Tucker interjected the fact that He was no longer living. Fynn was saddened by the truth and with his head still resting on his daddy's arm asked "did you eveh get to pway basebahw wiff him?". Thadeus answered sweetly "no, I never did".

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