Saturday, November 17, 2012

trying to catch up!

I know I have really been slacking on blogging about my sweet sweet boys but I feel like I am always just trying to catch up these days.  Even as I write this I should be cleaning the kitchen and putting laundry away, and Koda needs a bath because she rolled in something awful this morning.  But here is the thing that I am forcing my self to take the time to write down......

Yesterday I had to take Tucker to the Doctor for an eye infection and and while we where waiting for his prescription to be filled I began talking to him about Christmas.  I told him that we were not going to   have much money for Christmas this year because we are getting ready to move and I explained to him that we would need to pay to rent trucks and a new house would require deposits and money up front.  With out even missing a beat he said "well I could help". I turned to look at him and said "you could? How?" He said "well with Fynn and Rolli, I could make their presents."  Then he talked a little bit about things he could make them, including duct tape wallets and whips.   It was so sweet and refreshing to watch this response from him. I was expecting him to be sad that he wouldn't be getting much and instead he was so selfless and eager to help make the Holiday special for his younger brothers.  He is so good, and so sweet.

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