Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tea for Four

I awoke yesterday to find we did not have much to cook for breakfast. After digging in the cabinet for a bit I found a small box of vanilla cake mix. It called for one egg (we had two) and It sounded good to me, but I could not with good conscious feed my three boys cake for breakfast. After scheming with my own conscious I decided I could serve them cake for breakfast if it was "tea cake" and if we were having a tea party and practicing our very best manners. So I announced the agenda and it was received with squeals of delight. Tucker and Rollin each took a turn inspecting the batter before I placed it in the oven. Tucker chose our Tea, Lavender Earl Grey. I washed the white with red polka dot tea pot. Tucker then took great care to place the tea bags inside. Rollin helped clear the table from a previous mess. Tucker wiped it clean with a dishcloth. Rollin Placed a drinking cup full of dandelions in the middle of the table for decoration and "sunshine". Then together they put cups and saucers in each place. The cake crumbled as I took it from the pan, my company was unphased. The tea was still very hot so i filled the sugar dish with ice cubes. The boys loved the cake and Fynn surprised me at how much he liked the tea. I believe he had a cup and a half. I couldn't help as I sat there, to wonder how very different my life would be if there where three little girls joining me. I thought a tea party might not be a special occasion at all. It might be an every day occurrence. I Loved that Rollin had on spider man pj's and no one was wearing a pink boa or plastic jewelry. I loved that for us this wasn't a pretend party serving teddy bears and dolls but a real morning breakfast. Real boys, real tea, real cake, real Love! Yes I loved it, it was the most perfect tea party with the most perfect miniature company. Later in the day we went out side to play in the mud, chase chickens, check on the tree forts, swing, catch grasshoppers, find sticks for weapons, skateboard, play baseball and make roads through the dirt. Yes I love having three boys.

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