Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On the way to town today Tucker asked if we were going to the store that had the chicks and ducks and baby bunnies. I told him we were. he replied "I have a tickle in my belly cause those baby chicks and bunnies are so cute".


  1. Join LiveJournal. It is a MUCH BETTER SITE FOR BLOGGING/JOURNALING. I use it daily and would love to keep up with you guys.

    PEACE, Cyn Groves~

  2. PS- Tucker is such a cute little guy. Guess what? We might be moving to Kentucky (closer to you guys) if Chad's job re-locates him.... *crosses fingers* I'm so over Indiana, plus I was born in Louisville and I really need some friends in person with similar interests. If we move there we'd be able to visit you guys when it's convenient for you.