Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rollin has a new skill

The whole family gathered for dinner of orange chicken with broccoli and white rice. Rollin had wandered from the table and Fynn had followed. Tucker had stuck around to engage in conversation with Thadeus and I as he often does. I think he enjoys that time with us to talk about real things. I was saying something to Thadeus when Rollin skipped up to me and interrupted and I asked him to wait. He bounce around while I finished explaining my thought to Thadeus and when it was his turn he said. "Do ya know what I've been practicing?" I told him I did not. "Do ya want me to show ya?" Of course I did. He explained and demonstrated at the same time, "well I lay on the floor and put my hands like this,......... behind my head then I do this,....................see, I put my elbows all the way to the ground." I tried not to laugh at first but I couldn't hold back. Does a small child really need to practice that? Was he teasing me? No. He was completely serious! I got so tickled because this child has some really amazing tricks that he actually has had to work on. He can do great head stands and head spins! Push ups, kart wheels, all sorts of break dancing moves, he can ride a wheelie, not to mention crack an egg in the skillet without breaking the yoke and back bends! Oh and hula-hoop! I still don't know why this seemed special to him but it did, so I took photos, and then we started getting creative with our trick and Rollin and I created the "stacked back-bend". Hope you enjoy these....................

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