Sunday, October 3, 2010


Oh, my sweet Rollin............................... He is not hearing very well these days. I find myself having to kindly shout just to tell him something. I think it is a combination of a stubborn cold he is trying to overcome and the 5 year old boy ear syndrome. It is actually true that boys around age five can experience hearing difficulty due to the changing shape and length of the inner ears. Anyway, I walked into the Kitchen and Rollin had just finished putting the very last of the home made chocolate chip cookies into a snack bag. I was thinking he was being awfully clever to put the last cookie away so he could eat it later. But then he ran to me and said "when you pack daddies lunch make sure you put this in there K?" I thought this was really sweet and suggested that he put his daddies name on it. He then asked me how to spell "Dad" and I told him. He didn't hear me the first time so I spelled it again and he ran off with a marker to finish his job. I had to bite my lip when he came back to me with pride to show me his finished job.

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