Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twin Lake

One of the boys favorite bedtime stories is a memory of mine, as a little girl going ice skating with my dad. They request it and then recite the words along with me. It goes something like this;

Once upon a time when I was a little girl, about 6 or seven years old, I had a brand new pair of ice skates. One day my dad asked me "Elizabeth would you like to go ice skating?". I was so excited! I put on my warm blue snowsuit with pink and yellow stripes, my hat, and mittens and scarf and we got in my dads big red truck. Then we drove aaaaaallll the way to TWIN LAKE. When we got there everything was white and beautiful and covered in ice and snow and Twin Lake was completely frozen. My dad helped me get my ice skates on and then had me wait while he went out on the ice to check and make sure it was safe for me. Then I went out on the ice, but skating was much harder than I thought. But I kept trying. Then all of a sudden I fell flat on my FACE! My nose hurt really bad, then it started to bleed and I started to cry. My dad came and scooped me up and said "don't worry Elizabeth, I'll take care of you". Then he fixed my nose. After that he said "I think we should try it again" but the next time he held my hand so I wouldn't fall. When we got too cold, we got back in his big red truck and drove aaaaaallll the way home. Then we had hot chocolate in front of the nice warm fire place. The End.

That's pretty much the way I tell it every time, so I thought it was pretty special tonight while I was preparing dinner and the boys were all playing with clay and play dough, when Tucker came over to me with an interesting sculpture. He explained that the blue part was Twin Lake and the smaller green person was me and the taller one was Poppa. Poppa doesn't have feet sticking out because he is on his knees taking care of me.

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