Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heritage Festibul

I took the boys to the Heritage Festival at the Ames Plantation today. Rollin and Fynn both called it a "Festibul" then they began to debate whether it was pronounced "festibul" or "vestibul". Whatever you want to call it, we had a great time! The boys were so excited that we got to ride a real school bus from the parking field to the festival. Shortly after arriving we heard cannon fire and of course that became top priority. A man walked by and the boys heard him mention the "Civil War area". Rollin bounced over to me and said "Mommy don'tchya think we should head to the Silver War area" I nodded and agreed with him then Fynn asked "Wheya do you think the silva wayuh (silverware) area is?"

Fynn and Tucker tried their hand at some woodworking.

The boys were in awe of the blacksmith.
I came through on the homemade ice cream that I promised them.

And got myself these lovelies.

Tucker milked a goat and we bought some raw goat milk!
we also got to watch some native american dancers.

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