Saturday, October 1, 2011


We were at the zoo a few days ago standing in awe of the hippopotamus. The size alone is captivating but then to see the creatures eating and moving just 10 feet away was really amazing. We were the only humans within sight which also made for a special moment. Tucker watched the huge beast for a good bit then he raised his eyebrows and said to me "ya know when these guys get scared or threatened they start to poop, Then they start flicking their tail really hard and fast to fling the poop all around." First of course I pictured these massive creatures flinging their poop everywhere in a disgusting shower of feces, then I looked at Tucker in amazement. This is a small person with a huge interest for the habits and ways of the animal world. The information that he learns and retains is fantastic! We saw many other animals that day and He and I had a wonderful time informing each other of the interesting bits we knew about each of them.

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