Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 16

9 days until Christmas and this is what they read "It's Holiday fun! Who needs a bun? We will eat our dogs on a stick. You'll have to chew, not just lick! xoxox"  And some how they guessed that we where having corn dogs but their eyes almost popped when I told them we were making them. Some good friends joined us for a fun evening and the corn dogs where good, but the next day I perfected the batter. I don't know what it is but making corn dogs from scratch makes me giddy. They boys raved about them and Rollin suggested that we start up our own corn dog stand. They were so good, I actually pondered it for a bit. We also made cheese on a stick which is delicious! So these photos are from the second go and the perfected corn dogs!

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  1. We love corn dogs! Can't believe I never thought of making our own. I bet they are super good, go ahead and pass on to me your perfected recipe please.