Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7th

Tucker tapped me gently on the shoulder this morning as I lay sleeping in bed. I rolled over and he whispered with a smile "there is like this much snow on the ground." From his finger gesture I was trying to picture two inches of white everwhere, but I just had to get up and see it for myself. As I made my way down the hall I saw a naked flash then Fynn turned and came back to me and said "Mom you gotta see this" and he lead me to the back door...............later we got some warm clothes on him.

I can't say for sure, but I think when most kids play in the snow they come back cold and maybe a little wet. My kids come back with a bucket of grubs. And of course you can't go grub collecting without getting entirely covered in mud! I just can't get used to these "southern winters". When I was growing up winter was frozen through and through, through enough you could drive a truck out into the middle of the lake. Here under the beautiful layer of snow there is an even thicker layer of mud and apparently grubs!

So after a long day of playing, Chiropractor appointments, workouts at the gym and a little super last minute birthday shopping, and getting stuck in a traffic jam, I let the boys stay up much past their bed time to we could fulfill our advent for the day which was to make white chocolate covered pretzels.  We added green and red holiday sprinkles and I think they did turn out well. It proved to be an easy and super fun thing to do with kids! We may make them again for Santa.

And now, now it is nearly 11pm and my kitchen is piled high with dirty dishes and the floor is covered with sprinkles and tiny muddy shoes and what not and I am headed back in there to clean it because I must make a beautiful home made apple pie. For the love of my life turns 30 tomorrow and I will not fail him in this simple pleasure I know I can deliver. But  I absolutely cannot, will not, make a home made  apple pie with an old family pie crust recipe and fresh crisp apples in a dirty kitchen. So first I clean!

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