Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st

December 1st!! As children.........well I guess until we moved out, December first was a day to look forward to.  I remember waking up to the record player and my parents singing Christmas songs as they marched into our bedroom to serve us breakfast in bed. Then we had a fun filled advent calender with something special for every day of the month. So finally I have started this tradition with my boys. The calender is nothing special or fancy by any means but it does the job! 

The boys almost always beat me out of bed so I kind of knew I wouldn't be waking them up with a serenade. Instead we played Christmas music in the kitchen and made Santa cakes! The boys all had jobs to do as we made a batch of red pancake batter and a batch of green pancake batter. Then they each got to make their own pancakes and flip them! Of course we topped them with real maple syrup and snow (powdered sugar).

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