Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alright I guess I will admit defeat since it is already the middle of January and I still have not finished the series of Christmas advent calender post. At this point it is all a blurr! The rest of the activities were fun but nothing stands out to me anymore. Christmas eve we baked sugar cookies and decorated them with Jenn for Santa. Christmas was wonderful!  A touching moment for me was when Tucker finished opening his stocking, which the boys all opened first and he looked at me with a twinkle of amazement and said "I cant believe this! I am so happy I don't even need any other presents, I would have been happy with just the stockings!"  Oh melt my heart! But that wasn't all he received.  He got the rifle he had been longing for so that now he can deer hunt with his dad! And all the boys were super excited to receive BB guns from their aunt Liz! Yes it feel a little like weapon central at our house, but with their super carful and attentive dad running the "shooting range" I am feeling more at ease with boys and BB guns! Thadeus got me a family camping tent and I am eagerly waiting the camping weather to arrive! My mom, with an amazing and loving memory got us a family tee pee! She remembered a comment I had made at some point in my life that I just had to have a tee pee by the time I turned 30, and with that birthday fast approaching it was perfect timing! Now we just need the ground to dry out a little so we can set it up! Best of all by far though was having my mom, dad and sister here to celebrate the holiday with!  Well alright then, now that I have wrapped up the Christmas post I can continue blogging with out guilt. Back to all the wonderful, silly and amazing things that happen in our daily lives! Happy New Year!!

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