Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Family Wrestling Tournament

Today was our first family wrestling tournament! It truely was a family affair. I got everyone's clothes and singlets ready the night before and even prepared food for the day. Still we had to wake up at 6 to be there in time. I was running around this morning finishing up some last minute things and suddenly realized it was 6:30am, Time to wake the boys. It is much earlier than they are used to getting up. I played Queens "we are the champions" very loudly and sure enough three little boys made their way out of bed and into their singlets. All smiles and ready to go! I was running around then trying to get myself ready. I came into the kitchen and Asked Thadeus where the boys were. All ready and in the van!  So needless to say we arrived right on time!  Fynn and Rollin wrestled three matches back to back. Thadeus was of course in their corner and I was on the sideline recording video. 

Fynn wrestled a little boy named Hudson. He was just as cute as Fynn and together they were completely entertaining!  He beat him twice and won 1st place in his weight class!

Rollin wrestled three different boys from different clubs. He did Great! He really is a fighter and when he gets some moves down he will be a tough competitor. He lost his matches today and took 4th place in his weight class. But, he had fun and was just glad to be out there. 

Then we had about a half hour break and Tucker was up. He won all three of his matches, with a pin in the third and final match. Taking 1st place for his weight class. He was pretty intense on the mat and really started to look good when he calmed down and started listening to his coach! 

 It was such a fun and exciting day! Seriously not a dull moment.  The boys loved the wrestling of course but they also loved the freedom that comes with a gymnasium full of wrestling families and having lots of friends to visit with in between matches! Fynn got so many compliments on his gold medal. One coach even offered to buy it. Fynn just clutched it in his tiny hand and shook his head.  Of course Thadeus has a mile long list of things he wants to work on with them, but we are both so proud of each of them!

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