Monday, January 30, 2012

Why today was fantastically amazing!

First thing this morning Fynn said "can I help you make dinner" I smiled and said "you can help me make breakfast" "is that what it is?" he asked. I shook my head yes and he followed me into the kitchen. He told me that he thought we should have pancakes and I told him he probably didn't even need my help for that. I gave him such little instruction and he made the most beautiful, most delicious pancakes!

 at one point he asked me if I would call Tucker and Rollin in for breakfast.

I watched him swell with pride as they devoured his creation.

                                                          and finally he enjoyed his own.
Later I enjoyed a few minutes of peace in the house. But even more I enjoyed the view out the back door.

Then there was boot camp, cooking, good friends. phone calls to and from the love of my life, sunshine, giggles, hugs, singing, wrestling, good music and to end the day a pulled tooth!

They were eating dumplings with chopsticks for second dinner. Tucker bit into his chopstick with a loose tooth. . A bit later he walked up to me with  a seriousness about him and said. "I'm gonna pull this tooth tonight."  and he did!  He said "I got it!"  "really?" I asked "yeah! I wish daddy was here" he said, then asked to call him. Later I heard him say it was the perfect time to loose a tooth because he is saving up for a 3DS.  
                                                               Fantastically amazing!

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