Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In Their Pockets

I have a small canning jar that I keep beside my washing machine so that as I empty little pockets I can drop all the little treasures in and take inventory later. I love to see the tiny things that that they find worth hanging on to.  This is the current inventory.

4 small rocks
1 small sheet of stickers
1 crinkled up roll of caps for a cap gun
1 waving army figure
1 sunglasses lens
1 side of the butt of a toy pistol
1 plastic tip to an ice pop
1 crumpled gum wrapper
1 small sea shell
1 tiny bullet shell
1 tiny black screw
1 black and brown swirly button
2 flat glass stones
1 large piece of driftwood
1 large kid handful of tiny rocks (from the playground)
1 tiny wrench
1 glass marble
1 steel ball
1 rubber band
4 assorted coins
1 tiny rubber tire

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