Wednesday, March 7, 2012

wrens and chicks

Back in January or maybe December even I realized that I still had six dead ferns hanging all around our front porch. I went out in the dark after getting boys to sleep and started taking them down one by one. Thinking all the while about how the neighbors must be shaking their heads at the untidiness of our home. Then as I reached for the the fifth hanging basket I was startled when a bird hastily flew out and over and around my head. I quickly put the basket back. I thought well I will just leave that one. Then I went to the next one and the same thing happened!  Well neighbors or not, tidy or untidy I couldn't just take their homes out from under them. So I left two dead fern hanging baskets on the porch and never thought about it again. Then While my Dad was here for a visit he found the sweet newly hatched chicks and showed them to the boys. My Dad swore them to secrecy but Tucker was having a particularly hard time with it. He came to me and said "Poppa showed me something and I can't tell you what it is yet but I can't hardly stand it." Eventually after we Indian Pinky swore and said the promise My Dad and the boys showed the tiny things to my mom and I.   My priority was kindness and not appearance and my heart is happy.

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