Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a relaxing fishing trip

I was feeling restless and trying to think of something to do with the boys. They shot down all of my ideas and before I knew it they were all cheering "fishing! yeah fishing! lets go fishing" I agreed, reluctantly and tried to quietly convince myself that I could really enjoy this time with them. It's not that I don't enjoy fishing with them, just that at the time i was yearning for something a little more stimulating for myself. So I decided to bring my camera and a book and I even packed a picnic. We were at the lake about two hours, and I did not so much as look at my book, or eat my lunch. I did manage to take a photo of Rollin with the one fish that was caught. The rest of the time I spent tying hooks, fastening sinkers, attaching and un-attaching bobbers, untangling fishing line, and unsticking stuck hooks, helping little boys find places to go # two and fixing fishing reels, and untangling fishing line, lots of untangling fishing line.  Then suddenly they were hot and ready to go home.  I think I may have actually laughed out loud when they said they were hot and tired of fishing and ready to go home.      

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