Saturday, June 9, 2012

what time is it?

It is June something and Saturday which is our temporary new Monday.  I am having a harder time keeping my days straight and I very rarely know what the date is.  But lately I have been forgetting meals!  I always remember breakfast. I usually remember lunch. But I have been completely forgetting about cooking dinner for everyone.  I guess because the days are longer and we stay outside longer. Today Thadeus had to work at 2:15. So this afternoon and evening we dug the potatoes and played baseball then went on a bike ride. I looked at my phone and it was almost 8 pm. So we headed back to the house and I was scrambling to get some dinner together. The boys were out back playing ball again. I reheated the fish I had fried for lunch. Cooked some of the potatoes from today's harvest and roasted asparagus. Mean while I was cycling the boys through the shower routine. Sometimes I wish we cad a car wash in the bathroom I could run them through. Anyway by the time they were all clean and dinner was on the table it was 9:03.  I wonder if this lack of schedule we have always had will result in them being extremely flexible guys. Or maybe they will decide they love schedules and be the opposite of how they grew up.  I don't know but for now I am just going to try to remember to feed them!

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