Saturday, January 17, 2009

Or Not?

I was getting Fynneus in bed for the night and he was somewhat unhappy. He did not want to nurse so I just laid down with him. He fussed and squirmed as he clutched his stuffed frog. I began to sing "gung gung went the little green frog one day, gung gung went the little green frog"

He interrupted "noooo mommy, no frog"

"okay" i said "how about tiny dancer? do you want me to sing tiny dancer?"

"noooo dancer" he whined

"okay, how about Rocket Man?" I asked

"no, nooo rocket" he whined again

"okay, well do you want me to sing to you or not?" I asked

"not" he exlaimed

Laughter erupted from the bunk bed were Thadeus was laying with Rollin and Tucker. Then Fynn decided he wanted to nurse and he fell asleep, still clutching his stuffed frog.

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