Friday, January 30, 2009

Where are you going?

I walked toward the kitchen and to my surprise Rollin was headed out the door. He had on his red boots, his winter coat, a blue scarf (triple knotted around his neck), and two hats. "Hey Rollin" I called "where are you going?"

"I'm going to check for eggs since the roosters gone" he replied cheerfully.
A few moments later I heard the doorbell ring. Tucker let him in and he ran to me in the living room. "Look mommy it's a clear one" he said as he showed me the light brown egg. I think by clear he meant clean. He showed it to Fynn and Tucker and then headed for the kitchen. "Careful with that in here" I reminded. But as soon as the words left my mouth he dropped the egg right on the carpet! Then before I could even get a good look to see if there was a big mess Bindi ran through and scooped it up in her mouth. It hadn't cracked yet. I quickly followed her into the kitchen where she was hiding under the table. "Drop it" i demanded "No don't drop it " I pleaded. But this is one command she knows well and the egg hit the floor with a crack!

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